brakesBrake fluid is pumped through your vehicles braking system, like blood is pumped around the human body. It is a type of hydraulic fluid that heats up and cools down flowing through the hydraulic braking system, whilst you are braking in your vehicle. Did you know that Brake fluid change is one of the most neglected fluid change for most UK motorists.

Vehicle and brake manufacturers recommend that brake fluid should be tested regularly – and for good reason. Over time, the fluid absorbs water from atmospheric moisture and becomes contaminated. When the water reaches boiling point it vaporises into steam, which unlike liquid, is compressible meaning that hydraulic pressure is reduced and the braking effect is diminished or lost completely when the foot brake pedal is applied.

You should change the brake fluid of your vehicle in every two years. A lack of brake fluid changes could be the cause of thousands of potentially serious accidents every year, in recent research.

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