Because it is tucked away it is not always easy to notice problems developing with your exhaust unless you listen carefully, if you hear noises coming from your exhaust, a roaring, hissing or clunking, a rattle or a metallic vibration, the best thing to do is call into see us as soon as you can.  You can send us a email or give us a call to arrange a appointment.

What a exhaust does

A car exhaust is a number of pipes linking the engine to the tailpipe, it works by passing the engine’s gases down into the catalytic converter or diesel particulate filter, helping reduce the emissions, the gases then go into the silencer, where the pressure is reduced to quieten it down.


As well as getting rid of spent gases and controlling noise, it also boosts engine performance and even improves fuel consumption

How long your exhaust stays fault free for depends on how far and how regularly you drive your vehicle.  If you do short trips around town, then that tends to corrode far quicker than if you use your car mainly for long journeys.

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