Did you know that having foggy head lamps can be a MOT failure, rejuvenate your lights today with The Autoboss Swindon Ltd your head light defogging specialist.

Replacement head lights can cost anything between £60-£150 so why not let The Autoboss Swindon Ltd, your head light defogging & restoration specialist bring back the shine to your head lights from just £24 each.

See the road and bring back the shine.

When your headlight fog they are acting like a diffuser for the light, dispersing the light over a greater area of the road ahead and effectively decreasing the power of your headlights and your visibility, getting your headlamps defogged gives you better visibility when most needed.

Defogging does not take long but we suggest you book a appointment with us as we can not always offer this service if you walk in.

Fogged up headlamp
de-fogged headlamp
Fogged Headlamp
De-Fogged Headlamp

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