Winter Tyres – Do they make a difference?

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Example of a Winter Tyre

DO Winter Tyres really make a difference? Snow and icy conditions are once again upon us, for us drivers this means spending 10 minutes clearing windows of ice with a credit card, a hard slog getting out of the drive and sliding down the road to work all taking twice the time it should. A set of winter tyres will cost … Read More

Swindon Car Manufacturer Honda fails on Emissions Tests

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It has come to light through data procured by The Guardian that along with Mercedes-Benz, Mazda and Mitsubishi Swindon car manufacturer Honda has also failed emissions tests. In more realistic on-road tests, some Honda models emitted six times the regulatory limit of NOx pollution while some unnamed 4×4 models had 20 times the NOx limit coming out of their exhaust pipes. Source:- … Read More

Check if your car is affected by the Volkswagen emissions scandal

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It has been announced today that you can check your cars VIN number to see if your car is affected by the Volkswagen emissions scandal which has been al over the news recently. If you know anybody with a Audi, Seat, Skoda or Volkswagen then please share this with them. The four manufacturers affected by the emissions scandal are Audi, Seat, … Read More