Winter Tyres – Do they make a difference?

Daniel MartinGeneral

Example of a Winter Tyre

DO Winter Tyres really make a difference?

Snow and icy conditions are once again upon us, for us drivers this means spending 10 minutes clearing windows of ice with a credit card, a hard slog getting out of the drive and sliding down the road to work all taking twice the time it should.

A set of winter tyres will cost you around £300 but will last you for years as you will only be needing them for 4 months of the year on average but these little beauties will allow you to drive normally whilst everybody else is slipping all over the road at 20mph, have you ever seen a news report from country with a colder climate than ours with all the roads covered in snow but everybody is driving normally? Winter Tyres are the reason for this probably with the exception of Alaska and Canada where there snow is so bad they have to use tyre chains.

Winter Tyres are made from a different rubber compound and have hundreds of little grooves known as Sipes allowing for almost normal steering, traction and braking, a set of Winter Tyres not only save you time but also give you piece of mind in winter conditions, call The Autoboss today to discuss your tyre needs.